Feedback Questions

1. How long have you been part of the Student Ministry?
2. What/who brought you here?
3. What keeps you here?
4. What do you think is the most spiritually impacting thing we do for you now and/or have done for you in the past? How have we helped your faith grow?
5. If you didn't know the Lord, would you come to anything that Student Ministry does? Why or why not?
6. Have you ever walked life with someone from Student Ministry? If so, who? How has that affected your life?
7. What about Student Ministry would you keep for the future? What would you bring back from the past?
8. How can we help you with your family?
9. How can we help you with relationships?
10. Are we at a place where we have equipped you enough so that you know how to spiritually feed yourself? Do you even know what this means?
11. Is this Student Ministry a loving atmosphere? How so?
12. How have we offered hope for your future?

Thanks for all of your input! We really care about each of you and want to have a positive impact on your life...

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