Prayer for March 14

This is our prayer: make us a mighty army, a force to be reckoned with, revolutionaries for God. Teach us to be fishers of men and a light to the world. May we be the devil’s adversaries in God’s right hand. May we rise up and be evangelists today and tomorrow, powerful beings in the name of the Lord, disciples of the King. Our tongues will speak only His name. Our blood, sweat, and tears will seep through our skin, and we will pour ourselves into the path He wants us to take - showering the world with God’s love. We’ll break the mold of the ongoing struggle, leaving only hope. We’ll spread His power to the ends of the earth, a world wide effort, a global movement, by the youth of today, the future of this world, our temporary home. The issue isn’t whether God is near us. The question is if we are where God wants us to be. We may start small, but we’ll end affluently; taking over is an understatement. Let’s break this standstill motion of our conforming ways. This is a call to arms. We know what needs to be done, but we can choose. Do we rise above, or do we stay behind, standing complacently in the dust, in this sin-infested world? WE can become something, a mighty army. WE can fulfill God’s plan for us. WE can be a part of His glorious take over. OR, we can ignore the world’s desperate cry for change. YOU decide.

The Student Artists of The People's Church

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Heather Higham said...

You all have amazed me! I love all the new artwork and look forward to displaying it for all to see... I am so proud of you Chelsea and Hayden! Thank you for getting the input of others for the prayer as well. It is truly beautiful! Thanks for being such a great team!